Calendar Consideration

The Board is scheduled to approve a school calendar for the 2013 – 2014 school year at its Jan. 10 meeting. Superintendent Van Riley has presented three possible calendars for the Board’s consideration. At the request of the Board, all three align with the regional calendar that allows for cost savings for transportation and professional development collaboration among districts.

The three proposals are:

1. School opens on Aug. 28 and ends on June 11, with possible weather/make-up days from June 12 through June 26.

2. School opens on Aug. 28 and ends on June 13. Two snow/make-up days are scheduled within the calendar (one following April vacation and one on the Tuesday after Memorial Day). School will be closed on those days unless a make-up day is needed.

3. School opens on Sept. 3 and closes June 16. Possible snow/make-up days are scheduled June 17 through June 27.

All three possible calendars include a week vacation in April and a long weekend (schools closed Monday and Tuesday) for the President’s Day holiday.



  1. Pat Harrigan · · Reply

    I like proposal #3:)

  2. Colleen Bornstein · · Reply

    I also like #3!

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